About Us

Hi, I am Hollyn Donovan, Founder of Shop Simply Fidgets.  I started this business to create beautiful, practical, fidget items for people like me who have a need to fidget anytime, anyplace. I first developed the need to fidget when I was only in third grade, which is when I was originally diagnosed with learning differences, ADD and anxiety.  My need to fidget increased as I aged and I was ultimately diagnosed with Autism as a senior in high school, which really helped me and my family understand my fidget needs.

After having used items like silly putty and mini-slinkies to that point as my fidget items, I realized I needed to find something more practical, quiet, and attractive (have you seen how dirty silly putty gets over time!) to use. My searching led me to realize there was not a great variety of options available, particularly for adults like me, as much of what was out in the market was in the toy line for children.

So, I began to create my own fidget pieces using silicone beads, silicone focal specialty designs and elastic-nylon cording. We have now expanded our line of products to include special items designed for charitable fundraising efforts, awareness campaigns and university and other associations. The options are endless, and we love to create custom designs for you, your family, your business, your school, your charity, and on and on.

We look forward to satisfying the fidgeting needs of everyone who desires a beautiful and practical fidget solution of their choice!